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Week 5 IDP Waiver Wire Targets

US PRESSWIRE SportsWeek 5 is here and you know what that means….Daryl Washington is back in action. He’s probably available in most of your leagues unless a savvy owner has been keeping him stashed in a back pocket. Here’s a look at players to target on the Week 5 IDP waiver wire. All scoring numbers are based off of the PDW IDP Scoring System.

Daryl Washington (LB, Cardinals)

He’s back. Get him. Washington comes off suspension and is a must pickup in every format. He was a monster in 2012, and he’s sure to be a solid addition for 2013 now that he’s back in action.

Craig Robertson (LB, Browns)

Robertson had a big week in Week 4, and has been relatively solid so far in 2013. The 10 tackle performance is what you like to see, and at this point it’s safe to say he’s a good option for your LB slot.

Ahmad Brooks (LB, 49ers)

What? You didn’t believe me last week? Brooks is still out there is most leagues and he’s a great pickup. With the injury woes of Patrick Willis and the absence of Aldon Smith, it means more slack has to be picked up by the other guys on the Niners roster. Brooks has been solid and is currently averaging 14.5 points per game and put up a nice 17.5 points in Week 4.

Antel Rolle (S, Giants)

Rolle had a big Week 4 and while he had a pedestrian first 3 weeks, he has potential going forward. The G-Men can’t stay in this slump forever, and you have to figure things have to start looking up on both sides of the ball. Rolle is currently averaging 9.4 points per week and a serviceable option at safety if you need him.

Aqib Talib (CB, Patriots)

Numbers for corners tend to be hard to predict. I’ve historically been down on Talib because his consistency has been sketchy. That said, you can’t argue with 4 interceptions through 4 games so far in 2013. His tackle numbers aren’t great, but he’s certainly been putting himself in the right place to make plays.

Tracy Porter (CB, Raiders)

After a down week in Week 3, Porter came through solid in Week 4. He’s currently averaging 6 tackles, .4 sacks, and 11.4 fantasy points per game. Keep an eye on his concussion symptoms going into Week 5, but he should be good.

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