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Usage, Target Statistics In The NFL Used By Fantasy Owners

Eddie LacyWith more and more statistics being made available to the general public, it is becoming easier than ever to do research from the comfort of a person’s home. That means that fantasy football owners are taking things to a new level, using advanced statistics and metrics to try and identify breakout players before their opposition does.

While usage rates for running backs and targets for wide receivers are not the most advanced statistics in the world, they are extremely useful to judge efficiency. This growing trend has won numerous people fantasy football titles.

As simple as it may sound, a player who gets more opportunities to succeed usually does. It is earning that opportunity and holding onto it that is the tough part. Eddie Lacy has gradually earned more and more touches to balance out the offense, and that trend should continue with Aaron Rodgers injured. However, it is his efficiency and yards/carry that are allowing him to hold onto his job.

All of these lists and statistics will usually feature guys who are already owned in your fantasy football league. The key is to check out the opportunities some of the middle-tier guys are getting. This allows a person to make a key waiver wire pickup or two during the season to gain an edge.

Much like the NFL and sports in general, management and coaching staffs are getting smarter with all of the data made available to them. Unlike quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers can fluctuate rather quickly at the pro level. By identifying trends sooner than later, you can pull off some one-sided trades and pickup emerging talent before anyone else notices what exactly is going on.


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