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PDW Fantasy Football IDP Scoring System

Jaguars LB, Paul PoslusznyAs we trudge through the fantasy football offseason and gear up for the 2014 leagues on the horizon, it’s a good time to look at scoring systems for the coming season. Below you will find the IDP scoring system that we will be using for all of our mocks and exclusive IDP leagues for 2014. This format works well in mixed PPR leagues as well, but tends to overvalue defensive players in standard non-PPR mixed leagues. I’ll be doing a write-up on a modified version to use for standard leagues with IDPs down the road.

The Getting Defensive IDP Mock Drafts have started up and will be running throughout the offseason. Check back later for analysis of draft data. If you’re interested in joining a mock, let us know!

If you missed the write-up on the IDP system from last season, you may be asking why assists are valued at two-thirds of a solo tackle. This is an attempt to allow for the fact that that NFL stat tabulation is pretty iffy when it comes to how solos and assists are recorded.

IDP Scoring
Number of Blocked Field Goal TDs 6 points each
Number of Blocked Punt TDs 6 points each
Fumble Recoveries (from Opponent) 2 points each
Forced Fumbles 4 points each
Interceptions Caught 6 points each
Passes Defensed 2 point each
Blocked Field Goals 6 points each
Blocked Punts 6 points each
Blocked Extra Points 6 points each
Tackles 1.5 point each
Assists 1 point each
Sacked a QB 4 points each
Tackles for a Loss 2 points each*
Safeties 10 points each
Number of Defensive TDs (int and fumble recover TDs) 6 points each

* Tackle for a Loss NOTE: 2 points if sack is considered TFL, 3 points if not.


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