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Seahawks Super Bowl win shows off NFC dominance

Super-Bowl-XLVIII-Seahawks-Defense-01As we enter the wasteland that is the NFL offseason there will be much talk about the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning’s disappointing performance, and what it all means for his legacy. He is now 11-12 in the post season and 1-2 in Super Bowls. At the end of the day he’s still probably the greatest quarterback of all time, but that doesn’t matter.  The real story from Super Bowl XLVIII and the narrative that should be discussed in the offseason is that the Seattle Seahawks are the champs (for the first time ever) and they showed all of us that the NFC far out matches the AFC at this stage in the game.

For years it seemed like the AFC was ripe with strong teams throughout the 2000s as we saw solid Patriots, Colts, Steelers, and Chargers teams that more often than not seemed far superior to their NFC counterparts. That can no longer be said, and the tables have turned. Throughout the 2013 season it certainly felt like the teams of the NFC were just the better teams.  Sure, there was the cream of the AFC crop in the Broncos. But, it certainly felt like there was a big drop off. In the NFC it seemed like the teams were just more solid, especially in the NFC West.

Now we know for certain. Super Bowl XLVIII showed us that the Seahawks far outmatched the best of what the AFC had to offer. Sure, the Broncos played a bad game. But, it doesn’t matter who was on that field or how well they played. They would have super-bowl-xlviii-malcolm-smithgotten wrecked by a Seattle defense that was playing lights out. The defensive unit deserves to be mentioned with other historically great defenses such as the 1985 Bears and the 2000 Ravens though at the end of the day I think this Seattle defense is very likely the best ever. Even the Super Bowl MVP nod going to linebacker Malcolm Smith is more or less a token move because that defense had to be celebrated somehow.  Smith had a great game, but the MVP probably should’ve just been given to all 11 guys on the defensive side of the ball.

The Super Bowl wasn’t competitive and we didn’t get to see potentially the best quarterback in the history of the game come up big, but we did get to see probably the best defense in the history of the game put up one of the most dominant Super Bowl performances ever. That, at least, was worth seeing. As far as going forward, the AFC has A LOT of work to do.


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