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What are the odds? A look at early Vegas odds for the 2014 NFL Season.

Seahawks-BroncosYou never know what’s going to happen from one season to the next in the NFL. You hear of the “Super Bowl Slump” for teams returning from appearances in the big game, but then there are teams like the Bills of the 90s, Dolphins in the 70s, and Patriots of the 2000s that seem to be a picture of consistency when it comes to making it to the game. Every offseason the early projections start coming in and there’s no better measuring stick for following trends than looking at the Vegas odds.  Here’s an early look at some notable NFL Futures for the 2014 season.

Strength of schedule plays a big role in projecting who the big winners for the upcoming season might be. The 2014 NFL schedule was just released. See who has the toughest schedules according to NFLBetting.net. Schedule aside, at the end of the day the elite teams are elite for a reason and they will be the favorites. Obviously, the early favorites are the Seahawks and the Broncos. Both teams are currently sitting at 6-to-1 odds for victory in Super Bowl XLIX. The 49ers and Patriots are next at 8-to-1. Those pretty much cover the obvious choices. There has been a great deal of shake up across the league this offseason, and the face of many teams will be changing. While we know who the elite “should” be, we have no idea what’s going to happen with some of these other teams. Will the Indianapolis Colts step up to elite status? Will the Ravens, Steelers, or Giants return to consistent form of old? Will we be utterly shocked by mid-tier team or absolute long shot? Speculation is always fun this time of year.

See the 2014 NFL Futures after the jump.

AFC Champions

Broncos 5/2
Patriots 3/1
Colts 11/1
Bengals 13/1
Texans, Ravens, Steelers, Chiefs, Chargers 18/1
Dolphins, Jets 30/1
Titans 35/1
Browns, Bills 40/1
Jaguars, Raiders 110/1

NFC Champions

Seahawks 13/5
49ers 7/2
Packers 8/1
Saints, Eagles 12/1
Bears 22/1
Falcons, Giants, Lions, Panthers, Cardinals 25/1
Cowboys 30/1
Redskins, Rams, Bucs 40/1
Vikings 60/1

Super Bowl XLIX Champions

Seahawks 6/1
Broncos 6/1
49ers 8/1
Patriots 8/1
Packers 15/1
Saints 20/1
Eagles 25/1
Chargers 30/1
Colts, Texans, Ravens, Steelers, Chiefs 35/1
Bengals, Bears 40/1
Cardinals 45/1
Panthers, Giants, Falcons 50/1
Lions, Bucs, Rams, Dolphins 60/1
Cowboys 65/1
Jets 70/1
Redskins, Browns, Titans 75/1
Bills 80/1
Vikings 100/1
Jaguars, Raiders 225/1


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