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Football – The Ultimate Fan’s Sport

Rams Seahawks FootballFootball is a fascination for enthusiasts across the board from purest fans of the sport and fantasy players to those infatuated with sports betting. With so many elements to the games, it’s the ultimate betting man’s sport whether you’re wagering your fantasy football livelihood or putting money down in a sportsbook. If betting on NFL outcomes is your cup of tea, then be sure to visit NFLBetting.net for more details on NFL betting. If you’re a fantasy football nut, then be sure to stick around PDW and check out the fantasy resources on the site. Resources will be updated throughout the offseason.

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PDW-VidAd2013-09My guess is that the increased growth in the popularity of the NFL can be attributed to fantasy football.  According to the Harris Poll published on NFL.com in 2012 59% of Americans consider themselves football fans. That number is up over 10% from ten years prior. Add in that there are over 40 million fantasy sports players (most of which play fantasy football) and climbing rapidly, and you have a recipe of trends that give us a picture of why football is the ultimate fan’s game. The sport has become so popular that there is a thriving 24-hour cable television channel in the NFL Network, and the NFL RedZone channel has become enormously popular largely because of fantasy football.

Whether it’s pure love of the game, fantasy football, or sports betting that strikes your fancy, there is no denying that the game has us hooked. Here’s to surviving the offseason and to a good 2014 season.


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