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IDP Woes: Atlanta LB Sean Weatherspoon out for 2014 season

Sean WeatherspoonMore bad news on the IDP front. Atlanta Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon suffered a ruptured achilles tendon during offseason team activities. The team’s Twitter account confirmed the news on Tuesday.


This is rough news for an Atlanta team that has depth problems at the linebacker position, and this injury comes after a 2013 season in which he missed 9 games in the middle of the season with a foot injury. While ‘Spoon had a breakout 2011 season as a solid defender and good fantasy IDP option, he hasn’t been able to stay healthy since. After he misses the 2014 season he will have missed 34 games in his five seasons in the NFL. That’s not a good trend.

In terms of fantasy perspective, I had Weatherspoon ranked as the #48 linebacker going into the 2014 season. He obviously now has no 2014 value, and he will continue to have big question marks in terms of fantasy IDP value going forward.


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