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Julio Jones Says He’s the Best Receiver in the NFL. Does He Have a Case?


Can Julio Jones really be considered in the discussions for “best receiver in the league?” Is he even close? Well, he’ll have to become the best receiver on his own team first.

Since 2011, when Jones entered the league, his best season (2012) doesn’t even crack the top 40 seasons using Reception Net Expected Points, numberFire’s metric which determines the overall production for receivers on passes they catch. Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Jordy Nelson and Vincent Jackson are among those with multiple seasons since 2011 better than Jones’ breakout 2012 campaign.

Another man with two seasons better than Jones since his arrival in the NFL is his teammate, Roddy White. In fact, since White entered the league in 2005, the five best seasons by a Falcon receiver have been posted by the UAB product. Jones’ 2012 season finishes sixth over that time.




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