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Fantasy Football Draft Tools that you need for 2014

The real key to success in a fantasy football season is preparation. Doing the research and staying on top of trends are what make or break a fantasy franchise owner’s season. At the pinnacle of importance when it comes to fantasy preparation is how you approach your fantasy football draft. I’ve been involved with fantasy sports for a long time, and I can certainly attest that there is a glut of resources out there.  That said, the Draft Wizard tools from FantasyPros are heads and shoulders above the competition when it comes to providing the tools needed to prepare for your fantasy football season.

Tools like the Mock Draft Simulator give you the ability to import league settings from various platforms (ESPN, Yahoo, MyFantasyLeague, etc.) and conduct fully or partially simulated mock drafts.  You can select which rankings that you want to use to shape the course of the simulation.  For example, you could pull data from FantasyPros experts, Yahoo Sports ADP, NFL.com ADP, ESPN ADP, etc.

Once you’ve completed your mocks you can use the Draft Analyzer to analyze your draft and give feedback on how your team shapes up against the competition.  You can also import live draft results from your leagues into the Analyzer to get feedback on live leagues in addition to having the ability to share your draft results on social media and other platforms.

These tools are powerful and incredibly effective. Draft Wizard also offers a Cheat Sheet Creator, Draft Assistant, and an Auction Calculator to further help you zero in on the draft success you’re looking for. I’ve used resource from all around over the years to supplement my fantasy football leagues, but the Draft Wizard tools are by far the best I’ve come across.  Check them out!

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