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Fantasy Football: Who Should Go First Overall?

We are closing in on the 2014 NFL season, and that means the 2014 Fantasy Football season is nearly upon us. Now is the time for continued offseason conjecture, projections, and mocks, mocks, and more mocks.

As you prepare for your draft, the looming question is ‘Who is the top overall player?’. If you have the first selection, who should grab? Our friends at numberFire.com are delving into the numbers…

Normally the dog days of summer are a little rough for the sports fan. The World Cup has obviously given us some respite, and with fantastic playoffs in both the NHL and NBA, we didn’t have to rely on days upon days of baseball to keep us entertained.

But now, friends, I’m happy to report that our national sporting nightmare is nearing an end: It’s now July, and that means fantasy football season is upon us. You better get those mock drafts ready – the horde is coming!

We’re going to have so much fantasy content throughout the season, you’re not going to want to ever close that tab. But for now, we’ll get the party started by going into the most basic question of them all: who’s the best? Who goes number one overall?

Note: For the sake of ease, we’ll go with standard scoring settings here. Just noting it. Oh, and Rushing Net Expected Points (NEP) and Reception NEP are efficiency metrics for rushing and receiving, respectively. They measure the impact the player had on his team’s winning. These metrics are adjusted for defense and are not just about counting up yards, but rather how valuable this player was.

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