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Why Is Roddy White so Undervalued in Fantasy Football?

This question has come up in fantasy football leagues that I’ve been involved with for years. Why is there so little love for Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White. He had a down 2013 season largely due to struggles with injury, but beyond that White has been a fairly consistent option for your wide receiver slot. What gives?

For whatever reason Roddy has been undervalued of late and it’s worth a look to see why. Our friends at numberFire.com have delved into this phenomenon.

After six straight seasons with more than 1,150 receiving yards, Roddy White crashed back to Earth in 2013.

Injuries played a major role in this off year for White. He entered the season with a severe high ankle sprain that hobbled him for the first month, and just when he began to get healthy, teammate Julio Jones went down for the season with a foot injury. Defenses were then able to key on White, and sure enough, he suffered a hamstring injury. For the first time in his incredible career, he missed two games due to injury.

The Falcons miserable season can be partially attributed to their superstar wide receivers not being themselves. But now, all of that is behind White and the Falcons as they look to regain the top spot in the NFC South.

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