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The 6 Best Quarterback Values in Fantasy Football

We are well into August and many 2014 fantasy football drafts are underway. At the very least, they are looming. One of the biggest contributing factors to succeeding in a draft is finding value at each position. More often than not the quarterback position is key to your fantasy success as most top fantasy scorers are at QB.

Our friends at numberFire.com have taken a look at 6 excellent quarterback values in fantasy football for 2014.

With plenty of folks drafting quarterbacks late this year, the general question becomes, “Which one is the best value in fantasy drafts?”

We’ve written about plenty of quarterbacks this offseason. Whether it was about Jay Cutler’s ability to be a top-five quarterback, or Jake Locker’s deep, deep sleeper status, in-depth looks on signal-callers can be found all over the numberFire.com site. But in a nice, quick-to-consume article, here are six players a handful of our writers like this year at the quarterback position.

Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals

By Phil Culbertson

The Bengals’ new franchise quarterback could be one of the more interesting players to follow in the upcoming years. Entering the fourth season of his career, Andy Dalton managed to secure himself a nice big contract that should boost his confidence a bit.

In real life, Dalton is an average quarterback, doing little to push himself to the upper echelon of our Net Expected Points (NEP) metrics. However, in fantasy football, he has a nice track record of (moderate) success, and has managed to improve from year to year. Dalton has finished as a top-12 fantasy signal-caller the last two seasons, though his weekly consistency has been an issue.

Dalton is currently being drafted in the middle of the 11th round in fantasy drafts, which will provide nice value if he’s able to play at a more consistent level week to week. If the Bengals utilize Giovani Bernard in the screen game, this could provide a nice floor for Dalton that will be less dependent on game flow. At his worst, Andy should be a good quarterback-by-waiver-wire candidate who can exploit good matchups, as he did last year.

I would be surprised if the Bengals’ quarterback finished outside of the top-12 fantasy quarterbacks in 2014 (though our projections disagree), and he’s currently the 17th quarterback off the board. To me, that is instant value.

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