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With Adrian Peterson Out, What Should We Expect From the Minnesota Vikings Running Backs?

With star running back Adrian Peterson out indefinitely with the “Exempt/Commissioner’s Permission” status, the Vikings have to look elsewhere for production in their run game. In Week 2 Matt Asiata had a rough day tallying only 36 yards on the ground. The run game is a large part of Minnesota’s offense and they need to find a way to get those wheels turning.

Our friends at numberFire.com have taken a look at what we can expect from the Vikings during their time without Peterson.

Here at numberFire, “number” is literally in our name. We’re known for in-depth analysis of statistics and metrics that go beyond players’ box score tallies, and startlingly accurate metric descriptions of the action that occurs on the field.

More important than any other numbers right now, though, is the number two, as in two seconds. We’re going to investigate the other Vikings running backs in the wake of Adrian Peterson’s suspension/exemption, but it seems irresponsible to discuss the fantasy implications without taking two seconds to reflect on the social context. This lead-in isn’t going to be funny, like most of mine usually attempt to be; it’s going to be short and to the point. There’s not a lot to be said on the topic that hasn’t been said before, so consider these few paragraphs my moment of non-silence on the issue of violence in all its myriad forms.

One. Two. There we go.

And now for a clever, jarring tie-in back from serious issues: Though human and fallible in many aspects, Peterson has shown superhuman physical ability in his whole career, from nearly breaking the single-season rushing record, to returning from fully-torn ACL and MCL’s in his left knee in less than nine months. If he’s suspended for any significant period of time, his backups won’t be able to match his level of production, but can the next men up keep the Vikings run game afloat in case of emergency?

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