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What Should Fantasy Football Owners Do With Knile Davis?

Fantasy owners have been poised to start Knile Davis after Jamaal Charles went down in Week 2 with a high ankle sprain. It certainly seemed like the injury would be significant enough for him to miss a game or two, and the door was open for Davis. However, Charles made an unexpected return to the practice field on Thursday.

This was certainly surprising news and it makes the decision for fantasy owners a bit more tricky going into Week 3. Will Charles actually make it onto the field? What should be done with Davis? Daniel Lindsey at numberFire.com has taken a look at that very question.

Thanks to Adam Teicher’s report, many Charles owners will be on pins and needles over the next few days. Will Charles start? Will he see limited action allowing Knile Davis to contribute here and there? Who should be in fantasy lineups?

Regardless of what’s to come, there’s reason to believe in the Knile Davis hype. If you spent half of your free agent auction budget or a top waiver claim on Davis, don’t feel bad. Step away from the ledge – not only was your process right, but Knile Davis is a good football player.

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