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Minnesota Still Set On Matt Cassel At Quarterback

As soon as the Minnesota Vikings drafted Teddy Bridgewater in the 2014 NFL draft, people were predicting exactly how the team would handle the talented rookie. Some thought that he would earn the starting job out of training camp, but so far he has been taking a backseat to Matt Cassel. After a terrible performance in week 2, there are definitely going to be people calling for Bridgewater already this year. However, with so much going on with the team right now, it would not be a smart decision to put in the rookie as a starter just yet.

Cassel looked absolutely lost against his former team in the New England Patriots. They were only able to score 7 points in the game, and Minnesota clearly missed Adrian Peterson during the contest. Even though he is one of the best fantasy football running backs in the game, he would not have made a lot of a difference.

Fans are hoping to see Bridgewater sooner rather than later, but they need to remember that Cassel earned the starting job in the preseason. He was able to do some pretty impressive things for the team, while Bridgewater showed a little bit of inconsistency. Minnesota is not going to blow everything up because of one poor performance against a very good New England Patriots team. Not only was Cassel against a stronger team, but he was thrown another curveball when Peterson was deactivated for the week.

Obviously, Minnesota is not going to be going anywhere this year if Peterson is forced to miss a lot of playing time. Even if he is on the field, it is going to be very tough to compete in that division. At some point in time, Bridgewater is probably going to get his chance to be a quarterback at the NFL level. However, the team wants to bring him along slowly so that he is not overwhelmed. Cassel has been consistent enough so far this year to at least receive a little bit of additional time before he is benched for a first-year player still learning how to play at the NFL level.

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