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Tight End Streaming: Week 1 Edition

To stream, or not to stream. The practice of playing matchups and cycling positions on your fantasy rosters weekly is truly living on the fantasy edge. There’s great potential for reward when you get the matchups right, and there’s room for disaster when you get them wrong and let go of guys you should’ve kept around. One of the more often streamed position on a fantasy roster is the tight end spot.

Going into Week 1 our friends at numberFire.com have taken a look at the best tight end streaming options to kick off the season.

If you’re familiar with the content here at numberFire, you’ve probably surmised by now how we feel about the quarterback, tight end, and team defense positions for fantasy football purposes. The depth at all three positions allows owners to stream options from the waiver wire according to favorable weekly matchups.

Instead of using valuable early-round draft picks on these positions, you can instead load up on running backs and wide receivers, positions that require multiple starters each week in most fantasy formats.

If you’ve chosen to go the early-round tight end approach, you probably feel very confident in the fact you have a plug-and-play, every week starter. If you’re a Rob Gronkowski owner, you may even be twirling your shirt above your head in celebration at the news that he will play in Week 1.

But if you’re among the group who went late-round tight end or drafted a high-upside platoon at the position, this weekly series of articles is for you.

Each week I’ll be highlighting tight ends that are owned in less than 50% of ESPN and Yahoo fantasy leagues that have a high probability of ending up as startable options in 12-team leagues. I can’t guarantee that every option will go off, but this will give you a great place to start when looking for streaming options at the tight end position.

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