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Week 1 IDP Injury Woes: Derrick Johnson, Clowney out

It happens every year. Week 1 comes around with great fan fare and then tragedy strikes as star players go down with major injuries. There were a few biggies on the defensive side of the ball on Sunday.  Kanasas City Chiefs took a big hit as they lost two key starters. Top notch linebacker Derrick Johnson and defensive end Mike DeVito went down with a ruptured achilles. Both players will be out for the season. Tough news for a tough defense.



The Chiefs are losing a huge centerpiece of their defense in the loss of Johnson. In terms of fantasy impact, I had him ranked as the #8 overall fantasy linebacker and he has perennially been a top 15 guy. KC doesn’t have much depth at inside linebacker, and now they will find themselves looking to Josh Mauga and James-Michael Johnson to step up to try to fill very big shoes. At this point it’s tough to say where the fantasy value is going to fall at inside ‘backer for the Chiefs.

Houston also took a hit as their star rookie Jadeveon Clowney suffered a ruptured meniscus. The injury will put the rookie out four to six weeks.


The Houston defense has a very strong front seven, and Clowney was showing that he was going to be a big piece of a strong unit. In terms of fantasy, Clowney has been a star on the rise that many have been ranking as a top 30 linebacker. This injury is going to be a speed bump on the road of finding that potential. Whitney Mercilus will be filling in at OLB while Clowney is out. He doesn’t have the huge fantasy upside of Clowney, but he will be able to make plays and get to the QB.

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