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Week 2 Waiver Wire Targets (Standard, PPR, & IDP)

Week 1 is in the books and we had some great disappointments and great surprises. A number of stars such as Jamaal Charles and Tony Romo did very little to help fantasy teams while little known names such as Allen Hurns soared to the top of points charts. Here’s a look at good Waiver Wire targets going into Week 2 of the 2014 season. Good luck!

Geno Smith (QB, New York Jets)

It seems Geno could really be legit. In Week 1 he was 23 of 28 for 221 yards, had 1 touchdown, 1 interception, and added 38 rushing yards. Those aren’t monster numbers, but Smith could emerge as a viable fantasy option if he can find consistency. Any QB that can limit mistakes, make some plays with his arm, AND add the rushing threat will be a decent fantasy option. He may not be available in your league, but he’s worth considering as an addition if he is.

Knowshon Moreno (RB, Miami Dolphins)

Ye of little faith. All through the offseason Moreno’s potential was shrugged off because many felt his 2013 success was tied to playing for the Denver offense. Going into Week 1 everyone pointed to Lamar Miller as the player with the most potential in Miami. 24 carries, 134 yards, and a touchdown later it certainly looks like Moreno could be the guy for the Dolphins. He may still be available in many leagues since so many overlooked him. He’s worth an add.

Lorenzo Taliaferro (RB, Baltimore Ravens)

With Ray Rice officially out the door it leaves things murky in Baltimore in terms of the run game. Bernard Pierce didn’t look so good in Week 1 and while Forsett had some production, he’s more of a journeyman player than a breakout candidate. Forsett is going to be the starter going into Week 2 and many will be flocking to pick him up, but Taliaferro could be the sneaky acquisition. They’ll give the rookie a look, and he could emerge as a viable option down the stretch.

Justin Forsett (RB, Baltimore Ravens)

The less sexy option but Week 2 starter nonetheless, Forsett seems to have found himself a spot atop the depth chart in Baltimore. He had a nice Week 1, and he certainly has some upside.  He’s going to be a much targeted player on this Week’s waiver wire.

Josh Gordon (WR, Cleveland Browns)

Who knows what’s happening with this situation. It seems that reinstatement is a possibility for some point along the way in 2014, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Given his status, Gordon is available in most leagues and he’s a must have if he winds up getting playing time this season. If you’re fine with riding along with a dead roster spot for awhile, he’s worth stashing away in the event that he returns.

Brian Quick (WR, St. Louis Rams)

Quick was targeted 9 times in Week 1 and finished the day with 99 yards in a game in which he was pretty much the only bright point for St. Louis. He definitely has some upside and could be a nice pick up, but any expectations will have to be tempered by the fact that his QB situation isn’t very good.

Allen Hurns (WR, Jacksonville Jaguars)

Hurns, the preseason darling, had a great Week 1. Many were starting to catch on that he might be the real deal rather than a preseason fling, and his Week 1 numbers certainly paint a nice picture. 4 catches for 110 yards and 2 touchdowns is very nice. Even better is the fact that it’s looking like there is some legitimate potential with the offense in Jacksonville. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that his start came because Cecil Shorts sat out the game. He has great potential, but keep in mind that his success has a bit of the Kevin Ogletree odor to it.  All of his production was in the first half last week. He’s worth an addition. Just don’t expect his Week 1 numbers every week.

Travis Kelce (TE, Kansas City)

Kelce could be this season’s breakout sleeper tight end. He has a great deal of potential and he had a respectable Week 1 with 49 yards on 3 catches. He was only in on 18 plays, and Chiefs coach Andy Reid acknowledged that the second year tight end will see more opportunities.  KC needs to find playmakers on offense and it’s very likely Kelce is going to start seeing more work as the season goes on. He’s worth stashing.

Sio Moore (LB, Oakland Raiders)

Sio was a monster in Week 1 as he started at weakside linebacker for the Raiders. While Moore was used more as a rotational pass rusher in 2013, he seems to have found a nice spot as a versatile WLB this year. Moore was in on 100% of Oakland’s defensive snaps in Week 1 and he piled up 13 tackles, 1 sack, and 2 forced fumbles. That’s great production. He won’t see production like that every week, but he seems to be in a position to succeed.  With names like Nick Roach, Khalil Mack, and Justin Tuck in Oakland, many have overlooked Moore.  He’s likely available on your IDP waiver wire, and he’s worth the addition.

Brandon Marshall (LB, Denver Broncos)

Marshall is going to be filling in at middle linebacker in the absence of Danny Trevathan in Denver. In Week 1 he amassed a team high 10 tackles, and there’s no reason to think he won’t continue piling tackles on while he can. He’s going to be a good source of tackles for IDP production until Trevathan returns. He’s available in most IDP leagues.

Texans DST (at Oakland Raiders)

The loss of Clowney is no good, but this team’s front seven remains menacing. They forced two turnovers in Week 1, and in Week 2 they will be facing a struggling Raiders offense with a rookie quarterback. Derek Carr is going to be running scared with J.J. Watt hunting him down all day and Clowney or no, this team can put on the pressure. They are available in 42% of ESPN leagues, and they could be a good start in Week 2.






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