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Is Andre Holmes a Must-Have Wide Receiver Off the Waiver Wire?

I’ve already taken a look at Week 7 Waiver Wire Targets, and Oakland Raiders wide receiver Andre Holmes will be a hot name on the wire this week. He’s seemed to show a rapport with rookie quarterback Derek Carr, and his targets and production have been climbing in recent weeks. Holmes is currently neck and neck with teammate James Jones in terms of fantasy production. How far is Holmes’ fantasy value rising? Is he a must have receiver at this point?

Our friends at numberFire.com have taken at look at that very question.

With injuries to wide receivers beginning to pile up six weeks into the season, and with bye weeks beginning to loom large, fantasy owners are scrambling to fill rosters with players off the waiver wire. It’s a fact of life in fantasy football but, unfortunately, one that’s difficult to plan for.

Sometimes, as an owner, you have to take risks. You have to change streams mid-swim. You have to be willing to dig deep into the waiver pool, snagging players who may not be in the greatest of situations, but are talented enough to push through the clutter and become fantasy relevant.

One of those guys is Oakland Raiders’ wideout Andre Holmes. One of the best wide receivers in the league down the stretch last year, Holmes exploded in Week 6 with 121 yards and 2 touchdowns. The question now is: Can Andre Holmes be a relevant fantasy starter moving forward?

Holmes in 2013

As I mentioned, Holmes quietly had a great stretch of games over the last five weeks of 2013. He mostly flew under the radar, since Week 13 is normally the last week of the regular season, and was probably too risky a play for any fantasy playoff teams in Weeks 14 to 16. In turn, his run ultimately went unnoticed.

During the five-game stretch from Week 13 to Week 17, Holmes had 366 yards and 1 touchdown – a pace which would have been good for nearly 1,200 yards and 4 touchdowns over an entire season. Though Holmes only had 25 receptions last year, he was a pretty good receiver for the number of targets. Per our Net Expected Points¬†data – a cumulative stat measuring a player’s total addition to his team’s expected points – of all players with between 20 and 30 receptions in 2013, Holmes ranked 6th out of 47 in Reception NEP. Additionally, every player who ranked higher than Holmes appeared in more games than he did.

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