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Fantasy Football 101: Quick and easy tips for winning

Recently I’ve been asked about quick and easy tips for fantasy football owners with limited time on their hands. Believe it or not, making informed decisions isn’t really all that difficult. There are a number of quick and easy tips for the average fantasy enthusiast to use and sometimes all it takes is just the quick looks or a quick verification to make sure you’re making the right move.  More often than not a fantasy owner just wants some kind of approval or affirmation that the decisions he’s thinking about are the correct ones. Below are some examples of quick and easy fantasy football tips and resources ranging from simplest to most complex.

Google Searches

Before you make a roster decision or trade it’s very easy to just do a quick Google search to make sure you’re up on player news and trends. No big fantasy resource sites required. No subscriptions. Just simple searching.


Much like with Google searches, Twitter can be an easy yet invaluable resource. There are fantasy writers and team beat writers that will give you all of the info you need about your players. It takes some time to find all of the right follows, but it’s definitely worth it. Making a “Fantasy Football” list in Twitter can be very useful. I get the majority of my fantasy updates via Twitter.


Fantasy Podcasts are an excellent and easy resource for fantasy owners with limited time. Being able to listen to fantasy analysis, rankings and news while on the go in your car is about as easy as it gets. Some good ones are The Audible (from Football Guys), CBS Fantasy Football Podcast, ESPN Fantasy Focus, and 4for4 The Most Accurate Podcast.

Punch Drunk Wonderland/PDFantasySports

I have to plug my sites. Punch Drunk Wonderland offers fantasy football specific analysis, rankings, advice, and opinion. PDFantasySports is a site dedicated to fantasy football, basketball, and baseball. We have knowledgeable contributors and I am an “expert ranker” on the Fantasy Pros platform, so my rankings show up along with consensus rank info from the other experts.


Player news aggregate sites like Rotoworld and Rotowire are great easy one-stop-shops to get recent news about your fantasy players. Following what’s going on throughout the week in practice for your players can often key you in to what the weekend matchup could look like.

Premium Sites

There are a number of sites that offer free and pay fantasy resources that are very good. Sites like Pro Football Focus, Fantasy Pros, numberFire, and Football Guys offer some of the best tools out there. Fantasy Pros in particular has some great resources like Draft Wizard and My Playbook that can be used in a limited fashion for free.

Hands-On Consulting Service

Believe it or not, this exists. Some fantasy writers offer services for cash. For example, you can pay a fee to have a fantasy expert do your draft for you. This is certainly a very over the top approach, and I feel like it takes away from the experience and enjoyment of winning with your fantasy team on your own merits. But, it does happen.

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