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What’s up with LeSean McCoy?

LeSean McCoy was taken number one overall in many 2014 fantasy drafts. I kept him for $80 in our auction + 3 keeper league. Fantasy owners have been expecting big things from Shady in 2014, and so far he’s been a disappointment. In the last three weeks combined he’s put up less than 10 fantasy points in standard formats. That’s bad news. Is it time to panic?

Our friends at numberFire.com have taken a look at LeSean McCoy: The worst running back in the NFL.

Okay, okay, okay. Sensationalist headline. Guilty as charged.

You know what else is sensational though? The fact that LeSean McCoy, possessor of talent non pareil, playing in Chip Kelly’s up-tempo system, could finish dead last in our weekly player rankings. I mean, come on; he was worse than Toby Gerhart? Worse than Trent Richardson?

Yep, and we’ll go into why in a hot second. For those of you new to these rankings, we’re using NEP, or Net Expected Points, which is a defense-adjusted calculation on a player’s impact on his team’s ability to score points. For example, if you rush for two yards on a 3rd-and-1, you’ve extended the drive and helped your team’s scoring chances; a loss of one would end the drive and hurt those chances. It’s not some bullshit where some fat guy in a room looks at tape and assigns it an arbitrary number to make you think it’s quantitative; no, it’s math, it’s real, and my word, it’s beautiful.


Player Opp NEP
Peyton Manning vs. ARI +21.72
Philip Rivers vs. NYJ +18.70
Russell Wilson at WAS +13.94
Joe Flacco at IND -16.62
Christian Ponder at GB -14.97
Michael Vick at SD -12.62



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