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Special Teams Monday (Week 12)

I would like to thank Kelly Smelser for letting me do some writing. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is John Orr (aka Mr.Wendy). I’ve been playing fantasy sports for the last 12 years. My passion is for IDP dynasty leagues.

Not only do I enjoy IDP but I also enjoy leagues with return yards which, for me add realism to our sport. Playing with punters and kick return guys adds to the fun for me. Taking the time to research the return game is just as enjoyable as looking for the best CB match up. Balanced scoring is also what I try to stay with. Nothing like taking down an offensive juggernaught with my LBs and big play defensive ends.

If you’re in a return yardage league chances are depending on your league size that the top guys are already taken. The positional players who also get returns are good value. The leagues that also need a dedicated return man leave you watching for the punt and kick return guys. Landing someone who does both can be game changers!  The return leagues leave you watching every punt and kick return for a possible big play.

The following 6 players are scoring well as both kick and punt return guys.

  1. Jarvis Landry (Miami Dolphins)
  2. Jacoby Jones (Baltimore Ravens)
  3. Devin Hester (Atlanta Falcons)
  4. Dwayne Harris (Dallas Cowboys)
  5. Philly Brown (Carolina Panthers)
  6. T.J. Carrie, Jr. (Oakland Raiders)

If you’re going a step further and get into the punter leagues as well your just as nuts as I am. I’ve had league mates talking about how they were watching a game just to see if their punter could get two punts inside the 20 to win a game. Average yards per punt and punts inside the 20 are common in many of the leagues I’m in. It just adds more to the game and gives you more players to cheer for.

It’s fun to play in different styles of leagues to keep it all interesting. Different twists from league to league for me keeps each league unique.

It’s that time of the year where the teams looking to make that playoff run try and move picks for players. Trade baits are getting updated and teams are looking for a bargain. If your out and trying to rebuild the glory look at moving some veterans for those picks, but also look at acquiring some young talent that could be tossed in as part of the deal. We all know IDPs can get picked up in season, but I am a hoarder of LBs and I’m always looking for those up and comers.

Each week I’ll be taking a look at special teams and where the fantasy values lie. Check back often.




John Orr About John Orr
John Orr (aka Mr. Wendy) is a fantasy football analyst and content contributor for Punch Drunk Wonderland. His particular areas of interest are IDP and special teams analysis.