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Mr.Wendy’s Look Back at Week 13

Each week @mr_wendy will be taking a look back at the week that was in the NFL. Here’s a look back at Week 13.

1. Houston Texans’ J.J. Watt

MVP calls from me again. If you are lucky enough to have him on your team I’m sure your in the playoffs. I have seen this beast carry IDP only teams and IDP teams with very weak offenses. All he did was have 2 sacks, 1 tackle for a loss, 6 QB hits, a forced fumble, 3 tackles and caught a TD! This guy is a game changer. Dial up his channel and kick back and watch greatness this week please. That Touchdown catch was a “WOW” from everyone. Is their anything he can not do?

2. Atlanta Falcons’ Steven Jackson

Welcome back to the spot light.For the first time in two years we had a Falcon go over 100 yards. Atlanta needed a win and they turned to Steven Jackson and he gave them his best game for them.

3. Oakland Raiders

Have they given up? Can Jim Harbaugh  come in here and turn this team around in 2015? The Rams scored a touchdown on their first 5 possessions. The Raiders were out played from the kick off.

4. Indianapolis Colts’  Andrew Luck

I am jealous of the owners who have this young man locked up. Another 300 yard performance with a career high 5 TD passes. For me I could kick back and enjoy watching him play weekly.

5. Kansas City Chiefs

Did their offensive line take this game off? I felt bad for Alex Smith . Jamal charles had no holes opening for him. Only 35 yards for Cheifs rb Jamal Charles is not going to get them into the playoffs.

6. LeSean McCoy and the Philadelphia Eagles

25 carries for 159 yards is a great game. The zero targets does leave me wondering though. His previous 2 games only had him with 1 catch. The Eagles are rolling along but I sure would like to see more of him in the receiving game. Sproles has stolen some of his thunder but it’s hard to argure with his rushing yards over the last two weeks.


My Week 13 MVP’S

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (Houston Texans) – SIX touchdown passes! 358 yards! 72 % passing completions. 147.5 passer rating. 18 passing first downs. Keep him in the shotgun and let him go to work. He goes agaisnt Jacksonville this week but be careful…Fitzpatrick can be streaky.

RB Le’Veon Bell (Pittsburgh Steelers) – Just missed 100 yards on the ground. 21 carries for 95 yards. The touchdown helped him. What puts him on my MVP board was 8 catches for 159 yards on 11 targets. 7 of his catches were for first downs. 254 total yards from scrimmage for this stud.

WR  DeAndrea Hopkins (Houston Texans) – I was lucky enough to play him in a league last week. I wish I could say I felt a hunch but, it was due to injury that I played him. 9 catches for 238 yards, 2 TD’S was his afternoon. Look out though because J J Watt will be trying to work his way on the offense more? [said with a smile]

TE Coby Fleener (Indianapolis Colts) – He is taking full advantage of Dwayne Allens absence. 4 catches for 127 yards and TWO TD’s. Allen is back at practice so if your playing Fleener keep an eye on the injury report.

KR Devin Hester (Atlanta Falcons) – Big day for Hester. He averaged over 30 yards on Kick and punt returns. That scored some good points to help his fantasy teams.

PK Matt Bryant (Atlanta Falcons) – A 5 FG day in the office. We had many kickers have big days but Bryant had a nice 45 yard kick that just put him ahead of the others for me.

PN Colton Schmidt (Buffalo Bills) – 3 punts inside the 20 with a average of 45.8 to go along with it. That’s sometimes hard to do as most punts inside the 20 come from mid field.

DT Sen’Derrick Marks (Jacksonville Jaguars) – Big game for us in leagues that require a DT. 2 sacks 2 QB hits and a forced fumble means points. He has been a favorite of mine. I don’t think you’ll be able to get him as cheap as this last season but he is a good player to target.

DE Robert Quinn (St. Louis Rams) – I know I know. J.J. Watt makes a strong argument. A 3 sack 3 QB hit and 2 forced fumble day is just to much to ignore for me. I bet agaisnt him last week in a few of my leagues and it hurt watching him explode. For those of you who stuck with him I’m sure you were enjoying that game.

LB Chris Borland (San Francisco 49ers) – Here he is again on my MVP list. anyone out their expecting a 16 tackle game? What a player. For those of us lovers of IDP this is another player who I can just sit back and enjoy watching. Look for another big game against the helpless Raiders this week.

S Ryan Mundy (Chicago Bears) – Big game!  11 tackles really helped his points.

CB Jason McCourty (Tennessee Titans) – Forced a fumble, recovered it and scored. His 6 tackles were a nice bonus.


Good luck this week everyone. This is what we play for. Start your studs and play some match ups where you have to fill holes.

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