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Need that extra nudge to win your Fantasy Football Playoffs?

Week 15 is here and the pressure is on if you’ve advanced this far in your fantasy football playoffs. You’re likely in your semi-final or even championship week and now it’s more important than ever to make the correct roster decisions. During this time of the fantasy season we find ourselves toiling over every sit/start decision and deliberating more and more over matchups with hopes of maximizing our scores. Sometimes we over think it. Sometimes fantasy owners just need that extra nudge or affirmation to let them know they’re making the correct decision.

That is precisely why now is the time to check out My Playbook from Fantasy Pros. My Playbook offers excellent roster tools that help you compare players and optimize your lineups to find the winning combination that will push you into the next round. The lineup recommendations and sit/start advice are based upon expert consensus from hundreds of top rated fantasy experts. Like some expert opinion over others? You can select which experts you want to make up your consensus. My Playbook is THE BEST roster management tool out there. Check it out and win this week.

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