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Super Bowl Predictions: Packers vs. Patriots?

Did Week 13 give us a glimpse of the Super Bowl XLIX matchup? Many have been high on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers as the potential NFC representative in the big game, and the New England Patriots would be no surprise as the team from the AFC. Eight weeks ago that wasn’t necessarily the case.

New England got off to a slow start and many were looking at the offensive woes that the team struggled  through as a sign that the “Brady Era” was over. Is Tom Brady washed up? Not likely. Once his offensive weapons got healthy (read Rob Gronkowski) Brady and the Pats got hot. They piled up seven wins in a row leading up to their Week 13 matchup versus Green Bay. The streak ended there as the Packers won.

With the Packers looking good and the Patriots seeming to be getting hot at the right time (seems like they do every year), it certainly seems like these two teams would be a worthy Super Bowl matchup. If I were placing my Super Bowl bets now, I’d go with Green Bay versus New England for Super Bowl XLIX.

But, anything can happen and there’s plenty of time for other contenders to come on late. Against all odds Arizona continues to look good in the NFC. The Denver Broncos are looking more and more scary as they seem to have found a run game to compliment the air attack that Peyton Manning provides. Other teams like Indianapolis and Seattle are certainly part of the conversation. Let’s take a look at what the current oddsmakers think.

For the record, I’m going with Green Bay as the champs this year.

Super Bowl XLIX Futures

as of 12/1/2014

Team Futures Odds
Arizona Cardinals +$2,500 (25 to 1)
Atlanta Falcons +$10,000 (100 to 1)
Baltimore Ravens +$6,000 (60 to 1)
Buffalo Bills +$10,000 (100 to 1)
Carolina Panthers +$100,000 (1,000 to 1)
Chicago Bears +$200,000 (2,000 to 1)
Cincinnati Bengals +$2,500 (25 to 1)
Cleveland Browns +$10,000 (100 to 1)
Dallas Cowboys +$2,800 (28 to 1)
Denver Broncos +$450 (9 to 2)
Detroit Lions +$3,000 (30 to 1)
Green Bay Packers +$300 (3 to 1)
Houston Texans +$30,000 (300 to 1)
Indianapolis Colts +$1,800 (18 to 1)
Jacksonville Jaguars  Eliminated
Kansas City Chiefs +$6,000 (60 to 1)
Miami Dolphins +$8,000 (80 to 1)
Minnesota Vikings +$200,000 (2,000 to 1)
New England Patriots +$350 (7 to 2)
New Orleans Saints +$3,000 (30 to 1)
New York Giants  Eliminated
New York Jets  Eliminated
Oakland Raiders  Eliminated
Philadelphia Eagles +$1,400 (14 to 1)
Pittsburgh Steelers +$8,000 (80 to 1)
San Diego Chargers +$3,500 (35 to 1)
San Francisco 49ers +$3,000 (30 to 1)
Seattle Seahawks +$800 (8 to 1)
St. Louis Rams +$100,000 (1,000 to 1)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +$999,999 (9,999 to 1)
Tennessee Titans  Eliminated
Washington Redskins  Eliminated

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