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Dog Week! NFL Playoff Picks Against the Spread (Divisional Round)

New England Patriots (-7) over Baltimore Ravens

patriots-logoI can’t pick all dogs this week. While it would be great for storyline’s sake to see Baltimore go in to Foxborough and get a win, it’s not going to happen. New England should be able to outproduce the Ravens offensively and they have just enough defense to get it done against Flacco and company. Gronkowski is nearly matchup proof, and I just don’t think Baltimore has enough offensive potential to compete for very long in this one. I’m picking New England to cover.

Carolina Panthers (+11) over Seattle Seahawks

carolina_panthers_logoUp is down. Left is right. I’ve gone off the rails. I’m taking Carolina. I know. I’m nuts. Carolina is getting hot at the right time and they’re finding ways to make it work. The defense is starting to look sharp and Cam has been on an upswing. This is the narrative that you want to hear this time of year. The teams that get hot in late December are the ones that find success. Sure, their division was horrible. Their play was horrible or lackluster at best for much of the season. But, I think they have a shot in this one and I think it’s going to be shocker. In my crazy pick of the week I’m picking Carolina’s defense to play tough against the defending champ, and I expect Cam and company to find ways to get solid offense production. Call me nuts. Solid enough to win.

Dallas Cowboys (+6) over Green Bay Packers

dallas-cowboys-logoDog week continues. I’m saying Romo and company continue to buck their playoff woes and deliver an upset in Green Bay. In all likelihood the Aaron Rodgers calf injury story is being talked up more than needed, and he’ll likely be fine. That said, the Cowboys have been shocking us all season and they’ve proven the analysts and experts wrong time and time again. I expect this to be a big time game and I expect Dallas to go into icy Lambeau and continue the run.

Indianapolis Colts (+7) over Denver Broncos

Colts-LogoMore dogs. More dogs! The Colts have the offensive potential to come up with the win against the Broncos. In their first meeting this year they beat themselves. If they can produce offensively and manage to not give up the game on defense, they’ll have a shot. Of course, Denver’s new found ground game could pose a major problem. That said, I think Denver is sliding and could struggle in this one. This is going to be a good game and I expect Indy’s offense to get it done.


I’ve painted the target on myself. Now discuss the madness!


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