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Join a 2015 Fantasy Football Mock Draft

PDW Mock Drafts 2013We’ve reached that desolate wasteland that is the NFL offseason. The NFL Combine is drawing near and the 2015 Draft is on the distant horizon. I know it feels like the 2015 fantasy football season couldn’t be further away, but take heart. There are mocks to be conducted and ADP data to generate. Over the last several offseasons we have conducted a number of mock drafts on the MyFantasyLeague platform and have tabulated the draft data to help give a more accurate and thorough look at ADP data for the upcoming fantasy season. The major mocks that will run throughout the offseason are Getting Defensive IDP Mocks and Dynasty Heroes Mocks (see specific mock info below). All mock drafts are online, long-running drafts and will likely take several days or weeks to complete. If you’re interested in joining a mock draft, JOIN TODAY!

Getting Defensive IDP Mock Drafts

2015 will be the third season of our offseason Getting Defensive IDP mocks. These mocks feature an all individual defensive player pool of players and includes all current NFL players and incoming rookies. The theoretical starting lineup consists of 11 players (1-2 DT, 2 DE, 3-4 LB, 2-3 CB, 2 S) and the overall roster size is 20, so that means these are 20 round drafts. 2015 Draft Data will be compiled as the mocks are conducted. (Check out the 2014 ADP Data)

Dynasty Heroes Mock Drafts

Dynasty Heroes is a series of mocks that feature 24 man rosters that include both offensive and defensive players and include current NFL players and incoming rookies. The starting lineups consist of 15 players and each draft is 24 rounds. Dynasty Heroes is a “dynasty startup” format mock rather than a “dynasty rookie only” format.  Rookie mocks will be later in the offseason after the NFL Draft has come and gone. 2015 Draft Data will be compiled as the mocks are conducted.



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