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Very Early 2015 Rookie IDP Rankings based on ADP Data

Ok. It’s nonsense to be doing rookie IDP ranking before the 2015 NFL Draft has been held. Let’s get that out of the way. That said, the 2015 Getting Defensive IDP Mock Drafts are under way and I’m itching to do something with the ADP data. Early and useless as it may be.

Below is a look at the top rookie IDPs selected thus far in the mocks. The picture will certainly change once the we know where these players are going, but here’s a ridiculously early look for those nuts out there. (Here’s a link to all ADP data for the Getting Defensive IDP Mocks)

Player/Tm/Pos ADP Value
Kendricks, Eric FA LB (R) 7.05
Gregory, Randy FA DE (R) 8.015
Williams, Leonard FA DT (R) 10.59
Dawson, Paul FA LB (R) 15.04
Perryman, Denzel FA LB (R) 17.055
Collins, Landon FA S (R) 18.04
Fowler, Dante FA DE (R) 18.045
Ray, Shane FA DE (R) 18.05
Thompson, Shaq FA LB (R) 18.055
Beasley, Vic FA LB (R) 19.015
Shelton, Danny FA DT (R) 19.055
Bennett, Michael FA DT (R) 19.56
Waynes, Trae FA CB (R) 20.005


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