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It’s never too early for Fantasy Football Mock Drafts

Sure, it’s June. We’re a few months away from the beginning of the 2015 NFL season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fantasy football on the brain. It’s never too early for fantasy football mock drafts.

If you’re an IDP fanatic, then check out our Getting Defensive IDP Mocks. These mocks are all IDP and will be running throughout the offseason. Come help generate ADP data.

If you’re looking for something a little more standard, then look no further than Draft Wizard. With Draft Wizard you can import your league settings from various platforms and conduct draft simulations complete with analysis. You can use various platform rankings or consensus rankings to form your draft strategy. All with the end goal to make you absolutely prepared when your 2015 fantasy draft day arrives. Draft Wizard has been my choice for draft prep for many years now. These resources are some of the best fantasy football draft tools around. Want to know more? Here’s a short list of features that you get with Draft Wizard.

Draft Simulator

Import your leagues and simulate as many drafts as you like. Make them fully simulated or enter your team’s selections.

Draft Analyzer

Analyze your simulated drafts or import drafts you’ve conducted elsewhere. Get analysis from industry experts tailored specifically to your team.

Cheat Sheet Creator

Get ready for the draft. Use rankings from various platforms or consensus rankings to build a draft cheat sheet specifically for your draft.

Draft Assistant

Get help as your draft plays out.

Auction Calculator

Calculate player auction values based on input from the top experts in the industry.


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