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Fantasy IDP Taxi Squad Raiding

If you’re league does taxi raiding, you need to be reviewing all team’s taxi squads. Generally, you would be required to give 1 draft pick higher than the player was drafted. So if you wanted to take a player who was drafted in round 6, you offer a 5th round pick in 2016. The team your raiding would have 48 hours to respond or lose the player. It’s a good way to get draft picks if you don’t need the player. It’s also a good way to get some players who can start this year cheap.

My top taxi player I would target is Kwon Alexander. His average draft position in all my leagues has been 6th round. I would happily pay that price. He would be inserted into most lineups as a linebacker 3 or 4 if needed. In my 16 team leagues he is sitting at LB 3 stats. He will offer you a few years of as being a starter.

My second target would be Adrian Amos, safety for the Chicago Bears. He was drafted on average in the seventh round. I would gladly offer a sixth round pick to have my starting safety for the next couple years. If you’re hurting at safety this week grab him and start him. In 16 team leagues he’s putting up low end S 2 stats. Bonus is salary cap leagues he is very cheap with him being a 7th round draft pick. I believe his potential is yet to come and he is a starter.

So give your taxi squads a good look over. It could be well worth it. Starting players at a cheap price.

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