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Through 2 Weeks The Patriots are Still the Team to Beat

It seems like the story is getting pretty old at this point. Amidst scandal, decline in on-paper talent, and an aging quarterback the New England Patriots continue to just win. Through two weeks of the NFL season Tom Brady and the Pats have been super which is why they are the odds on AFC favorite at this point to make it to and win Super Bowl 50 according to sports handicappers and oddsmakers. As of this writing they carry 6 to 1 odds of repeating as champs. Only the Green Bay Packers are projected better (4 to 1).

Age and ball inflation scandals haven’t seemed to have phased Tom Brady as through two weeks of football in 2015 he has amassed 750 passing yards and 7 touchdowns. More importantly, his Patriots team has won and have shown to be able to take advantage of the assets that they have. The team’s offense has some new faces that have been brought into unique roles (Dion Lewis), and old reliable weapons like Julian Edelman and the seemingly unstoppable Gronkowski continue to give this team explosiveness on offense. Thus far in 2015 the Patriots have scored 68 points. That shows success.

The talent on the defensive side of the ball isn’t as strong, but so far they’ve done enough to get the wins. Scoring a lot of points helps with that. In terms of fantasy perspective, Tom Brady is the top scoring QB in fantasy football at this point having put up 55 points over the course of two weeks. As expected, Rob Gronkowski is a force and leads all TEs in fantasy points. Additionally, Julian Edelman has started strong with 33 fantasy points through two games. As has new addition Dion Lewis with 29. Lewis could be a sneaky add going forward.

It’s still early, but at this point the story for 2015 in the AFC is an old familiar one. The New England Patriots are the team to beat.


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