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Week 1 IDP Surprises And Studs

After week 1 of the regular season it is usually very easy to jump the gun and freak out if your roster didn’t do as well as you hoped. Some of it is granted some not. Also it is easy to over value targets that explode early and are waiver wire targets but never pan out.

SURPRISE #1: Jerod Mayo (LB, New England Patriots)

Jerod Mayo only played 9 snaps on Thursday night. 9!!! This was a huge surprise to most IDP fans and me. Even though he is coming back from injury I was looking for him to return to his old self and be a very reliable top 20 lb week to week. If you have him on your team I would not feel safe starting him for another few weeks and see if he begins to get more snaps instead of being subbed out in most packages. If things don’t pan out after week 2 or 3 then feel free to drop Mayo.

SURPRISE #2: Uani Unga (LB, New York Giants)

I wrote in my last article about how I believed J.T. Thomas was the linebacker you wanted on this team. After week 1 that might not be the case. Uani Unga played 71 snaps to Thomas’s 28. Now I am not completely sold on Unga being the lb you want in the long run so I could easily see him being replaced in the near future. In his 71 snaps he graded at a (-6.7 ovr and -3.7 pass coverage). The horrid play in pass coverage could mean that JT who graded (+.7 in pass coverage) could get more snaps and win out that role. SO in saying that if he is on your waiver wire and you have a spot to fill or injury pick him up, don’t pay a premium for him or drop a stud that you drafted if they had a bad week.

STUD #1 – Thomas Davis (LB, Carolina Panthers)

Davis has been a staple in the Carolina D for many years as IDP owners are well aware of. After a great week one which included 7 solos, a sack, int, and pd he set to continue putting up huge numbers for the rest of the year. Even more so now with the lose of Luke for an uncertain amount of time at point of writing this article.

STUD #2 – Aaron Donald (DT, St. Louis Rams)

We all knew after an amazing rookie season that Donald was primed for another great year coming into his second season. He showed us that was true and not just that, he has evolved into a complete player. Pass rusher and run stopper at DT. If you drafted him in a must start DT league you have a sure fire Stud. In week one against the Hawks he posted 5 solos, 4 assists, 2 sacks. He graded out at a (+10.0 ovr) by PFF.

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