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Week 2 Fantasy Showdown in Buffalo

Tom Brady, Patriots, AFC Championship

There is a battle brewing in Buffalo New York. On the highway you can see jokes about Tom Brady as you’re driving into buffalo. In the stadium you can purcase air pumps as they poke fun at the Patriots. All week long their has been talk amongst the Bills players and of course the fans about their upcoming game against the Patriots.  

Rex Ryan’s larger then life persona has kept the spot light off the players and more on the coach. His team will not feel the stress. In Buffalo a representative from the genius world records will be in attendance to see if the fans can break the noise record. 

The Buffalo area is rocking and partying as they prepare for the upcoming battle. The RV lot at the stadium is packed. Bills shirts are every where you go. Talk everywhere is all about the big game. 

Into town Bill Belichick will bring his Patriots.   Experienced in super bowl settings and big games his team will be ready for this week two game. Brady will look to silence the crowd and show why he IS the best qb in the game today.

The Bills will work the run game. I’m not very impressed with their line right now. I’m sure Bill will attempt to take the running game away from the Bill’s. McCoy will struggle this week. McCoy has been dealing with an injury but I’m sure he will not miss this big game. What I do think is Karlos Willaims will see more work and contribute enough to be fantasy worthy.

Last week I don’t believe the Pat’s were overly concerned with Williams. This week I expect that front 7 to be much better against the run.  Can Tyrod Taylor carry the team on his shoulders? Believe me that’s the question Belichick is asking himself. Sammy Watkins owners will be disappointed once again.

New England will attack with Edelman and Gronk. Brady will have a nice game as he takes out his anger on the league. Their will be a few big plays as Brady finds a hole in a Bills blitz. I think Blount and Lewis will see some work but I’ve been burned to often on New England running backs,

Let’s play this game out with fantasy players.

The Starters for each team:

For Buffalo, McCoy and in my deep leagues Williams.

The Patriots, Gronk, Edelman and Brady.

That’s 3 players from New England and 2 from Buffalo.

 New England IDP players:

LDE Ninkovich

RDE Chandler Jones

SLB Jamie Collins

WLB Don’t’a Hightower

CB Malcolm Butler

FS Devon McCourtney

Buffalo Bill’s IDP players:

LDE Mario Williams [He will be back in the stats guys]

RDE Jerry Hughes

WLB Nigel Bradham

LCB Ronald Darby [He will see a lot of targets this week]

MLB Preston Brown [in leagues with 3 or more LB’s]

Six for New England and five for Buffalo.

So…does this mean we will have a very close game on Sunday? I would bet yes.

I really like the chances for a turn over for Malcolm Butler this week. I would also take the over on 3 sacks for the bills D line this week. Gronk WILL score a touch down. I don’t see many yards in the passing game for the Bill’s.

Now we just need them to play the game!

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John Orr (aka Mr. Wendy) is a fantasy football analyst and content contributor for Punch Drunk Wonderland. His particular areas of interest are IDP and special teams analysis.