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Roethlisberger’s Knee & Steelers’ Fading Super Bowl Odds

It was rough watching Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger take that shot to his knee on Sunday afternoon. The injury will have him missing significant time. What does this mean for the Steelers’ Super Bowl 50 aspirations?

Obviously, standard fantasy, daily fantasy, and any other sports betting (visit sport.netbet.co.uk) outcomes are greatly affected by a top tier quarterback on a top tier team going down for any amount of time.  CBS Sportsline projections had the Steelers at a 51.8 percent chance to make the playoffs with Ben Roethlisberger at QB. With Michael Vick now in that drops to 34.7. Pittsburgh’s early Super Bowl 50 odds were set at 30-t0-1, but that is going to take a nose dive very soon. Take heart when hitting up the casinos (visit casino.netbet.co.uk).

michael-vick-steelers-01In terms of fantasy performance, Roethlisberger is averaging 20.8 fantasy points per game and that’s a mark that Vick is very unlucky to be able to rise to. Despite having great weapons around him such as Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown, it’s a tall order. The biggest danger with Michael Vick is his volatility. While he brings potential for big plays, he also takes big chances. That’s certainly not what this team needs while they wait with bated breath for Big Ben to get healthy. This change at quarterback is going to play into the fantasy potential of Steelers fantasy hopefuls such as Martavis Bryant and Darrius Heyward-Bey since they are losing the deep ball potential that comes with Roethlisberger at QB. Sure, Vick has been known for having a nice arm, but not at this stage in his career.

Do the Steelers still have a shot? Yeah. They could do MUCH worse than Michael Vick. Vick is probably better than many starting quarterbacks that are struggling in the league right now. Their best hope is that Vick can keep them afloat for the next six weeks or so while Ben is out.


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