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Rookie Breakdown: Week 3

We’re three weeks in and it’s time to take a look at where the rookie class stands. There are some rookie of the year candidates emerging.

Mariota, Marcus

Leading the rookies in scoring average so far. He looks like the real deal and someone I’m happy to have in 2 QB leagues.

Williams, Karlos

Might be a shocker? He is getting playing time and is showing his skills. Should get a lot of work this week if McCoy does sit.

Johnson, David

Hit a few big plays but his waiting for a larger role. Currently he sits 3rd in scoring.

Winston, Jameis

Has had scores up and down so far. Time will tell but he is scoring those points. More of a deep league starter.

Cooper, Amari

He IS who we thought he was! If you have seen him play or watched some tape you’ll be impressed even more.

Jones, Matt

week 2 was a dud but week 1 and 3 he showed us some serious skills.

Abdullah, Ameer

Only real bright spot on the Lions. Get him the damn ball!

Gordon, Melvin

He really showed more last week and really has begun to show us all why he was drafted so high in our drafts. Stay tuned I know their will be more from him.

Lockett, Tyler

His special teams stats are amazing. He will be more involved every week in the offense as well.

Yeldon, T.J.

He is almost 10 points behind the rest in average but it’s still early in the year.

IDP Rookies

Peters, Marcus

He has been blowing up the stats since week 1. Rookie CB’s get targeted often but he has been a ply maker.

Alexander, Kwon

Great potential. It’s only going to get better.

Beasley, Vic

Steady each week. I liked him as my DE 2 and he is locked in.

Anderson, Henry

Been getting tackles and those work as well.

Darby, Ronald

Tested early and often. stat machine.

Hicks, Jordan

Should be on a roster by now but make sure.

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