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Will the Super Bowl 50 Champs Repeat in 2017?

Super Bowl 50 is over – fans are already craving more football, but all we have to look forward to is next season. Odds are already put out to determine the favorites for Super Bowl 51, and strangely enough, we find the reigning champs, the Denver Broncos, at terrible odds (currently 20-1). What makes the Broncos such a longshot this season? What would they need to do to win again? Do they have a shot at repeating their championship win from this year?

Can They Repeat?

Many people are wondering whether or not the Broncos can repeat. Personally, I don’t think they can unless some major changes happen. They’re going to lose a few players. They’re probably going to lose Peyton Manning, and at this point, I honestly think the team would do better without him. Let Brock Osweiler play, or draft somebody and bring them into the system. Denver still has a team of some of the best wideouts in all of football. Any quarterback would have decent success in their system. Why not let a young player come in and learn the system, so perhaps in a few years they can be dominant again?

A lot of their upcoming season comes down to Von Miller as well. The Broncos have already announced that they’re considering placing the franchise tag on Miller, but I don’t think that’s the best idea.

I think the Broncos have a solid foundation now, but a lot of players are going to be leaving soon.

They can either try to keep the team together for one more run (and maybe hold on to Peyton), or start rebuilding. If they start rebuilding, I can’t see them having any chance at winning the Super Bowl this season.

They’re in a tough dilemma. Who played better this season? Brock Osweiler, or Peyton Manning? Manning had 17 interceptions and 9 touchdowns. Osweiler had 6 interceptions and 10 touchdowns. He outplayed Manning, at least this season. There’s a reason the Broncos are at 20-1 right now. Can they repeat? Possibly, but I think it’s incredibly unlikely. I think they’ll likely rebuild, and with this rebuilding stage, will not be serious contenders in the AFC for the next season or two.

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