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2016 Fantasy Bounce Back Players

The 2016 NFL and fantasy football season is looming. We’re prepping for our drafts and always looking for those under the radar guys to help along the way. One good place to look is for players who had down seasons in the previous year that are poised to bounce back. Sometimes those are players who had limited production as a result of injury such as Andrew Luck or Kelvin Benjamin. Other times there are other circumstances. New teams and schemes. Too many steak dinners. Etc. Below is a quick look at a running back, wide receiver, and quarterback who are primed for improvement in 2016 after failing to hit the mark last season.

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Eddie Lacy (RB, Green Bay Packers)

In 2015 it looked like Eddie Lacy may have eaten himself out of usefulness for the Packers. Struggles with weight have gotten the better of plenty of NFL players over the years. Going into the 2016 season it looks like Lacy is righting the ship. He’s sought the aid of multiple trainers and given the P90X routine a go, and he reportedly has his weight under control. He’ll be returning to a Green Bay offense with an elite QB and a great deal of potential. An in shape Lacy could return to past form on a top tear offense this season.

Randall Cobb (WR, Green Bay Packers)

Let’s stick with the Packers on this one. Randall Cobb struggled in 2015 largely as a result of teammate Jordy Nelson being out for the season. Cobb showed that he struggles if he has to be the go-to guy who potentially receives extra coverage from defenses. We’ve known that. He’s always seemed like the excellent “two” in a receiving corps’ one-two punch. Jordy Nelson’s return should mean good things for Cobb’s role and production.

Colin Kaepernick (QB, San Francisco 49ers)

Colin Kaepernick has had a bizarre NFL trajectory. Meteoric rise followed by a mind boggling free fall. Many pointed to defenses being able to adjust while he struggled at making reads. Fall from grace and drama aside, Kaep will be a Niner in 2016 and will be battling Blaine Gabbert for the starting job. He should win out. He has the skill set that Chip Kelly wants and– despite the lack of real receiver depth– I feel like Kaepernick should be able to return to form as a dynamic player.

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