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New and Improved 2016 Draft Wizard is Here! It’s Mock Draft Time!

2016 FantasyPros Draft Wizard Fantasy Football

As the regulars know, I’ve been a long time fan of the Draft Wizard and MyPlaybook tools from FantasyPros. I think they are some of the best fantasy football resources out there for fantasy draft preparation and roster management. The new and improved 2016 version of Draft Wizard is now available and it brings enhanced functionality with the great fantasy tools that have long been a mainstay. It gives you the ability to sync leagues from various platforms such as ESPN, Yahoo, MyFantasLeague, etc. and from there you can get to work with the Draft Simulator to do full mocks that feature your own league settings, Draft Analyzer that evaluates the completed drafts to determine how well you did, Draft Assistant that acts as a real-time resource when it’s time to do the real fantasy draft for your 2016 league, Cheat Sheets to help you along in the draft, and the Auction Calculator for your fantasy auction leagues.

The new 2016 version of Draft Wizard boasts new features such as:

  • Faster Speed: No more pages refreshes after each pick.
  • Enhanced Layout: Easier to quickly compare players while on the clock.
  • More Information: Access strength of schedule, player notes, stats, and more.

It may be a little early, but it’s never too early to prepare for your upcoming fantasy season. Get mocking with Draft Wizard and start taking advantage of this great suite of fantasy football tools.


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Start mocking today!

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