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2016 Fantasy Football Season is Here! Get the Roster Tools!

Antonio Brown

The long gray offseason has come to a close and we are officially in Week 1 of the 2016 fantasy football season. There will be actual football played THIS week. Exciting stuff. Many of you have already been through your league drafts and now it’s prep time. It’s time to finalize those rosters going into the first week of the season.

As I’ve mentioned many times in the past, I am a huge fan of the fantasy football resources available from Fantasy Pros. Their Draft Wizard tool is the best for getting ready for your draft or assisting along the way.  But, once the draft is over and the roster is built it’s time to start tweaking. It’s time to start optimizing that starting lineup and looking for the best options out their on the waiver wire. That’s where the My Playbook took comes into play. It is by far the best roster management tool I’ve used for fantasy and the 2016 version has a new look and feel. Import your league and settings, and let it help you out. It’s a great resource. You should check it out.

These tools are driven by Fantasy Pros’ expert consensus player rankings and analysis to which I contribute. Check out the rankings for players on their site, or keep up with my PDW Rankings each week. Get the rankings and compare them to the other experts. Get the resources you need.

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