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Why Is Gambling on Fantasy Football Legal?

The US states are currently involved into some spirited debates regarding the fantasy football legality and free bets on its events in particular. Should one conduct an in-depth research of an issue there’ll be tons of arguments found, supporting both legitimacy and illegitimacy of this kind of sports. If we consider Texas for instance, the state prohibits all sorts of sports betting strictly referring them to a crime. According to Chapter 47 of the Texas Penal Code it is illegal to bet on a final result of a game or the performance of its participants. Yet, this part of the USA has always been distinct by a severe legislation and by far not all of the states follow that strict policy. A bigger part of the country is still quite loyal in the matters of betting. People choose to play more, for gambling sphere expands and yields a percentage to the State treasury.

What makes fantasy football legal?

In order for a game to be referred to illegal sports it should be first classified as a game of chance. A series of court decisions, same as a 63-world provision of federal law have proved fantasy football to be a game of skill. Peculiarities of the game principles imply fans as the means of pl
ayer’s’ selection. An online selection process is assigned to help build a team’s line-up. Prior to making choice one may see a player’s in-game statistics and its influence on overall team’s performance, which is much alike a game of skill. Only several states, including Arizona, Montana, Louisiana, Iowa and Washington counter that statement thus, classifying fantasy football as illegal sports. However, many stand for changing legislation in there.

Fantasy sports gambling regulations

According to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 fantasy sports bets are not restricted by law as long as people aren’t betting on a single game or player. Local state regulations may only refer fantasy football betting to illegal activity if a game involves the following:

  • Consideration, or an entry fee
  • Reward, e.g. prize
  • Chance

As to the latter, the definition of ‘chance’ varies from state to state. The chance factor is always engaged when we speak of weather conditions or possible injuries during the match and, surely, one can’t totally neglect them. Yet, on the other hand, one can just view it all as alternation of good/bad luck. And everything that contains an element of luck can’t be viewed as illegal contest. Therefore, it’s not punishable by law, otherwise, betting on traditional sports would also be subjected to restrictions. With this as the concept, lots of punters refer to fantasy football bets as an absolutely legal form of gambling.

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