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How NFL Offseason Moves Will Affect Fantasy Football

Latavius Murray

It is always important for fantasy football players to pay attention to NFL free agency period because it can completely change the way some players are valued. Joining the right team can turn a player into fantasy star after years on the waiver wire. Here are five players that drastically changed their fantasy football value by switching teams this offseason.

Terrelle Pryor (WR, Redskins)

Terrelle Pryor was one of the biggest surprises during the 2016 NFL season. His ability to catch, run and throw made him an extremely valuable commodity in fantasy football. His great season is even more impressive when you consider he did it with the Cleveland Browns. Pryor will finally get the chance to play with a great quarterback after joining the Washington Redskins. The loss of DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon will also make Pryor the top receiving threat on Washington this year. He should easily top his 1,007 receiving yards from last season.

DeSean Jackson (WR, Bucs)

DeSean Jackson may not catch a lot of passes, but he always puts up a solid fantasy stats. His move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may seem enticing, but it actually hurts his value. Jackson’s value comes from his catching deep passes, but Jameis Winston struggles throwing the ball deep. Mike Evans is able to adjust to these poor throws because he is very tall, but Jackson lacks the height needed to adjust to bad passes. If Jameis Winston does not improve as a passer, then DeSean Jackson will struggle in Tampa Bay. However, if Jackson fits right in, all three players’ value in fantasy football will soar.

Martellus Bennett (TE, Packers)

Leaving the New England Patriots usually hurts your fantasy value, but that is not the case with Martellus Bennett. Aaron Rodgers is the only NFL quarterback with skills that can match Tom Brady, so Bennett will be just fine in Green Bay. Bennett will have no competition at the tight end position in Green Bay, so he should see a lot more passes thrown his direction. Look for Martellus Bennett to become one of the most valuable fantasy tight ends this season. He may even top his great 2014 season that saw him catch 90 passes for 916 yards.

Mike Glennon (QB, Bears)

Mike Glennon had no fantasy value as the backup quarterback in Tampa Bay, but signing with the Chicago Bears was not ideal. Glennon has the ability to be a solid starting quarterback in the NFL, but he has absolutely no skilled receivers in Chicago. Glennon could have been worthy of a fantasy roster spot if he signed with the Jets or Texans, but it is hard to see him putting up big fantasy numbers with the Bears.

Latavius Murray (RB, Vikings)

Latavius Murray is not a very efficient rusher, but he can still put up solid fantasy numbers when used as the primary running back. Murray is leaving the jumbled committee in Oakland to become the primary back with the Minnesota Vikings. The poor offensive line in Minnesota will limited his upside, but Murray should be a reliable source for fantasy points all season. Do not get scared by his recent ankle surgery. He will be fine for training camp.


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