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Top IDPs in the 2017 Draft

We’re early in the 2017 NFL offseason, but the one beacon on the horizon that we can focus on is the upcoming NFL Draft. Today I will be taking a look at some of the top defensive prospects in the draft.

Garrett is the the most hyped defensive player in the 2017 draft. He shows power and speed as an edge rusher and is a solid tackler. He has versatility in that he can be a rush threat from multiple positions. He’s the cream of the crop of this year’s rookie QB killers and he’ll be the top defensive player off the board somewhere early in the 1st round. Probably #1 overall.


A super athlete, Cunningham will come into the league with 3-down potential. The one downside is that he probably will need to bulk up as at 6’3″ and 205 he looks more like a receiver than a linebacker, but his body of work at Vanderbilt speaks for itself in terms of his ability at the position. Some have likened him to Christian Kirksey, and, as many of you know, I’ve been a long time Kirksey lover. I’ll take the comparison and run with it. Cunningham should be a solid producer and will probably go somewhere in the mid to late first round.


Big, strong, fast, and super athletic. Beckwith has all of the measurables of an elite linebacker. I actually like Beckwith more than Watt and Foster in this draft. He has versatility, speed, and good tackling technique. All of which should give him the opportunities to become an NFL tackling machine.


Foster is widely considered to be the top linebacker in this year’s draft. I’m sliding him down a bit because I like¬†some of the others a little more. That said, he has the versatility and dynamics of play to stop the run as well as drop into coverage. For that reason he should be able to fit into any defense that has needs. He should have plenty of next level success.


The family name carries weight for Watt, but so does his resume. Just take a look at his MockDraftable spider chart and you’ll see that his measurables are off the chart. While T.J. doesn’t play the same position and isn’t as much of a game changing force as his brother J.J., he’s still an athletic freak that should make an excellent NFL linebacker.


Adams is the most dynamic safety in the draft. He can play in the box stopping the run and mirror receivers with skill. He has the range of ability and athleticism to play one of those Tyrann Mathieu type DB hybrid roles if he lands somewhere that can take advantage of his versatility. By far my favorite DB of this draft.


Davis has all the physical skills that NFL teams are looking for in a 4-3 outside linebacker. He has great strength and can be a rush force. He’s also known to be a great locker room guy that can fire up the defensive, and NFL GMs around the league certainly love to hear that. He’s probably going to be an early 2nd rounder.

Hooker has raw talent and athleticism, but limited experience at the position. Many teams would be happy to scoop him up and clean up his technique. Some consider him to be the top defensive back in the draft based on pure raw ability and athleticism.

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