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The J.J. Watt IDP Mock Draft Era has Ended

Put a fork in him. He’s done.

Okay, that’s probably a bit off target. Today we kicked off our first Getting Defensive IDP Mock of the offseason, and in Mock #1 J.J. Watt was NOT taken number one overall. Tampa Bay’s rising star linebacker, Kwon Alexander, was the first off the board. To be fair, Watt was taken third overall so he’s still obviously regarded by our mockers as the elite IDP that he is. However, the reason this is notable is because Watt has been a mainstay at the #1 spot in our IDP mocks for a LONG time. Over the last three years he has been selected with pick 1.01 in 41 out of 52 mocks, he hadn’t been selected lower than #1 since our 2014 mocks.

Below is a look at the top players taken in the first IDP mock of 2017. While the likes of Watt, Kuechly, and Ogletree are mainstays, it is interesting to see second year players such as Joey Bosa and Deion Jones selected this early. We’ll see how long those names stay up there once the ADP rankings are normalized through more and more mock data.

IDP Mock #1 Top 10:

1.01 Alexander, Kwon TBB LB
1.02 Collins, Landon NYG S
1.03 Watt, J.J. HOU LB
1.04 Wagner, Bobby SEA LB
1.05 Kuechly, Luke CAR LB
1.06 Ogletree, Alec LAR LB
1.07 Bosa, Joey LAC DE
1.08 Smith, Telvin JAC LB
1.09 Mack, Khalil OAK LB
1.10  Jones, Deion ATL LB

The Getting Defensive Mocks are just getting started and the ADP data will begin rolling in more steadily soon. Feel free to FOLLOW ALONG with the the data. These mocks feature an all defensive player pool and are conducted in a long running snake format. Multiple drafts will kick off each week, so feel free to sign up if you’re interested.

Enjoy the fantasy offseason. And, happy mocking!



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