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Top Rookie IDPs Based On Early Mock Draft ADP

We’re still early in the 2017 offseason, but it’s never too early to work on rankings and to play with Average Draft Position (ADP) data. The initial Getting Defensive IDP Mocks have kicked off and the draft data is pouring in. I’ve already made some observations on trends. For today I’m taking a look at which rookie IDPs are coming off the board early in our mocks.

Update (5/19/2017): The rankings below are already changing. Follow the ADP Data.

Below is a look at the Top 15 Rookie IDPs based on VERY early mock draft data. Enjoy!

  1. Garrett, Myles (Cleveland, DE)
  2. Foster, Reuben (San Francisco, LB)
  3. Adams, Jamal (New York Jets, S)
  4. Davis, Jarrad (Detroit, LB)
  5. Hooker, Malik (Indianapolis, S)
  6. Allen, Jonathan (Washington, DT)
  7. Thomas, Solomon (San Francisco, DE)
  8. Cunningham, Zach (Houston, LB)
  9. Peppers, Jabrill (Cleveland, S)
  10. Charlton, Taco (Dallas, DE)
  11. Barnett, Derek (Philadelphia, DE)
  12. McDowell, Malik (Seattle, DT)
  13. Watt, T.J. (Pittsburgh, LB)
  14. Reddick, Haason (Arizona, LB)
  15. McKinley, Takkarist (Atlanta, DE)

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