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Top 2017 Rookie IDPs based on 10 Mocks

The Getting Defensive IDP Mock data continues to come in, and today we’re looking at Top IDP Rookies for 2017 based on the data.

Below are the top 20 Rookie IDP player rankings based on ADP through 10 mock drafts. The rankings are based off of an ADP Value (ADPV) determined by adding draft position from each draft (1.02, 2.11, etc.) and dividing by the number of mocks conducted. If a player was not selected in a mock he is given a value of “21.00″, so the highest possible selection value is 1.01 and the lowest is 21.00. In addition to ADPV you can also find the Highest Draft Position and Lowest Draft Position thus far for each player. (The table is sortable)

Player/Tm/Pos ADP Value Best Worst
Garrett, Myles CLE DE (R) 3.162 2.04 4.10
Foster, Reuben SFO LB (R) 3.757 3.03 4.08
Adams, Jamal NYJ S (R) 3.767 3.03 4.11
Davis, Jarrad DET LB (R) 4.159 3.04 6.10
Peppers, Jabrill CLE S (R) 5.788 4.08 7.12
Thomas, Solomon SFO DT (R) 6.257 5.03 8.06
Allen, Jonathan WAS DE (R) 7.362 5.09 8.12
Reddick, Haason ARI LB (R) 8.059 4.08 14.03
Hooker, Malik IND S (R) 8.067 4.02 14.11
Charlton, Taco DAL DE (R) 8.370 5.10 12.01
Cunningham, Zach HOU LB (R) 8.471 4.09 14.04
Barnett, Derek PHI DE (R) 9.363 7.05 12.06
Baker, Budda ARI S (R) 12.241 7.09 17.02
Lattimore, Marshon NOS CB (R) 12.650 10.02 18.02
Watt, T.J. PIT LB (R) 12.956 7.10 18.02
McMillan, Raekwon MIA LB (R) 14.074 9.12 18.11
Agnew, Jamal DET CB (R) 14.755 8.03 21.00
McDowell, Malik SEA DT (R) 15.265 6.06 21.00
Jackson, Adoree TEN CB (R) 15.457 11.12 21.00
McKinley, Takkarist ATL DE (R) 15.656 9.02 21.00

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