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Keys to Success for Fantasy Football 2017

Whether you are playing fantasy football for fun or profit, the goal remains the same: dominate your opponents with a carefully constructed roster of touchdown machines. If this is your first year then we understand why you have come to us for help. If this is your tenth year then we understand that, too. Everybody needs an edge when it comes to fantasy football and fortunately for you we are here to help. Let’s teach you how to draft like a seasoned veteran and win that trophy you’ve been coveting for so long.

Time to Research

No matter how many years you’ve been playing football you don’t want to go into the fantasy football draft without having done any research. Trust us, it doesn’t lead anywhere special. Instead you are going to want to dig deep into the archives of information that comes out every day. Thanks to Twitter and other platforms we now have more access to player information than ever before. Keep track of how star players are doing and keep your eyes on under the radar guys you might want to select.

Watch the ADP

It is time to start getting familiar with acronyms. One of the most important acronyms to understand during your fantasy draft preparation is ADP. ADP stands for Average Draft Position and it is sort of the measuring tape by which you are going to plan out your draft. Let’s say that Drew Brees is the second best QB in the entire draft. That means you want him early, right? Well, not really. His ADP might actually place him at 50th selected overall which could be the 5th round of a 10 person league. ADP is just a measuring stick and as such it isn’t an exact science, but it is definitely helpful in terms of preventing you from reaching.

Look Out for Busts

One of the biggest problems for fantasy football drafts is that of the bust. Nobody wants to pick Ezekiel Elliot the year he gets suspended for the first eight games of the season. Nobody wants to pick LeSean McCoy the season he has hamstring injuries. Those are two types of busts you can’t predict. The third type, the overvalued player, is easier. Allen Robinson and DeAndre Hopkins are two elite talents with abysmal QBs. Thanks to their names they are getting drafted in the top two or three rounds. That definitely puts them on the map as a potential bust candidate because there is no way that they out perform guys that are legit top picks like Mike Evans or Jordy Nelson.

Practice Your Drafts

Practicing your fantasy football draft is now more important than ever. Any time of night or day you can head online and do mock drafts. Mock drafts give you experience in the draft room and show you where you need to improvise on your strategy. A bonus is they’ll also prepare you for drafting for daily fantasy sporting leagues like¬†DRAFT, a new snake based DFS website. Mock drafts are like training camp for fantasy football players. Don’t let them pass you by.

Wait on Positions

Don’t draft a quarterback in the first five rounds. Don’t pick a kicker or a defense during the draft at all. Focus on filling out the key positions on your roster.

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