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Basic DraftKings NFL Strategy

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If you’re interested in NFL daily fantasy games, DraftKings is the place to be. This company is one of the giants of the DFS industry, offering some of the biggest cash prizes and widest ranges of games you can hope to find.

Not only that, DraftKings also offers a smart user interface, unique league options and a deeper NFL scoring system when compared to almost any of its rivals. If you want to start winning big bucks in DraftKings fantasy NFL games, we’re here to offer some handy tips and simple strategies, giving you all the information you need to start winning today.

To start off, make sure you pay attention to what the fantasy experts at sites like Punch Drunk have to say for each slate. Two of our favorites are Daily Audible and FantasyPros. Sites like this will provide you with a great base of players you should be paying attention to each week.

Back to building your own strategy, let’s look at the roster you’ll be asked to make in a typical DraftKings NFL fantasy game. You’ll need a quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, a tight end, a kicker, a defense and a flex.

The flex position is the key here and this is what can separate the best players from the crowd. Why does the flex position matter so much? Because it gives you a choice, and many players make the wrong choice. The flex is open to interpretation, letting you choose from an RB, WR or TE.

So what’s the best way to use the flex option? To understand that, we need to look at the scoring system in place on DraftKings. One of the things that sets DraftKings apart is that this site is pretty generous when it comes to receptions.

Every catch is worth a single fantasy point, so wide receivers and tight ends naturally have a bit of an advantage here. In fact, statistics show that players who use their flex on a TE or WR will have more chance of winning their fantasy games and tournaments compared to those who use the flex to nab an extra RB.

In the big games, a single player can make all the difference and your flex pick can be the one to set your team apart from the rest. It’s simple math. Wide receivers and tight ends just have more upside than running backs because they’re going to be racking up the points every single time they catch the ball. Be careful though.

You shouldn’t rule out RBs entirely. They can be a safe pick in head-to-head leagues as they offer more consistency on a game-to-game basis.

Moving on, let’s look at the bonus points in DraftKings’ scoring system. The site hands out three bonus points for players who have 300-yard passing games or 100-yard rushing/receiving games. Only the very best pros will be getting these bonus points on a regular basis, so it is wise to invest in some of the league’s stars if you want to give your roster the best chance of success.

Statistics show that in recent times, the number of 300-yard passing games and 100-yard receiving games has been rising, suggesting that if you do want to add a couple of stars to your roster but don’t want to blow all your budget, you should focus on the quarterback and a good WR to get the most bonus points.

Why else should you choose wide receivers? Well, not only do they have the potential to score more points than backs, they also tend to provide way better value. Trends have shown that DraftKings tends to price WRs and TEs lower than RBs in general, which is just another reason to invest in a wide receiver for that flex slot. Pricing trends also show that DraftKings does a good job of sensibly pricing backup players, so it can be handy to keep your eyes on the backups in case any players get injured and need to be replaced.

A big part of being successful in DraftKings NFL games is tailoring your strategy to suit the style of game you’re playing. Head-to-head games, for example, are all about consistency throughout your roster, while GPP tournaments are more about big value picks with high ceilings and plenty of upside. So how do you try and maximize your upside?

One common strategy used by advanced players is known as ‘handcuffing’, which is basically stacking teammates together. If you’re going to pick Tom Brady, for example, stacking him with Brandin Cooks is a good way to really give your roster a huge chance of scoring major points.

This is the general idea of handcuffing, and it can be risky sometimes. If you decide to pair a QB with his best WR and the game goes badly for the whole team, your roster is at risk, but, like we said, GPPs are all about upside, and that means you need to take risks.

You can’t play it safe and expect to take home the big prizes in these sorts of tournaments on DraftKings. It’s all about giving your roster the highest ceiling possible to have the best chance of ending the weekend with the maximum amount of points. This risk won’t always pay off, but it’s a strategy that has worked for the best players in the game.

Of course, this isn’t a strategy you would want to employ in a regular head-to-head league. In those sorts of games, consistency is key and upside isn’t as important. You simply want to put together a roster of players who are each capable of bringing home a decent amount of points. A different strategy you could use here is to take two players who are playing in the same game, for opposing teams.

For example, you take the best RB for two teams that are going up against each other. If one of the teams dominates the game, he’ll give you a whole lot of points to balance out the poor performance of his opponent. If the teams balance each other out, both of your backs should still earn a respectable number of points.

As you can see, success in DraftKings NFL games is all about mixing up your strategy to suit the field of play. Each game type is different, and you should never go into a GPP with the same strategy as you might use in a head-to-head, and vice versa. Approach each game type differently and figure out what you need to do to win.

As always, a big part of winning fantasy games is doing your research and finding the best value players, so be sure to keep reading and learning as much as you can about the systems on DraftKings, as well as staying up to date with players and teams so you’re always prepared to go for the win.

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