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Here at Punch Drunk Wonderland we enjoy being part of the fantasy sports community, and we enjoy sharing with our partners and peers.  We are always looking for link exchanges with relevant sites, and we are happy to accept direct ad offers.

Direct Advertising

We are happy to work with direct advertising partners. We currently accept a number of ad formats (see below). Please contact us if you are interested in direct ads or if you would like more information.

Ad Format/Position Price*
200×200 Square Above Fold (Sidebar) $23/mo.
200×200 Square Below Fold (Sidebar) $13/mo.
160×600 Skyscraper (Sidebar) $23/mo.
234×60 Half Banner (Sidebar) $12/mo.
336×280 Large Rectangle (Page) $20/mo.
728×90 Banner (Top) $30/mo.
728×90 Banner (Bottom) $15/mo.

* Prices locked in for 6 month periods and subject to change based on traffic trends

Advertising Policy

Advertisements may not:

  • Promote adult or inappropriate content.
  • Facilitate or promote hate speech, whether directed at an individual or a group, and whether based upon the race, sex, creed, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or language of such individual or group.
  • Contain obscene, profane, libelous, or slanderous text or images.
  • Promote any products or services from illegal or uncertified sources.
  • Promote or facilitate defamatory or illegal activities..

Advertising Contact

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