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The PPR will be the 2013 PDW “Points Per Reception” league brought to you by Punch Drunk Wonderland and hosted on ESPN Fantasy Football. This season’s sponsor will be Pro Football Focus and The Sports Post. It will be a standard PPR format 12 team league.

The PPR 2013 is NOW FULL.


 Position  Min.  Max.
 QB  1  4
 RB  2  8
 RB/WR  1  N/A
 WR  2 8
 TE  1  3
 K  1  3
 Team D/ST  1  3
Bench 7 N/A


Standard Snake Draft

Date & Time:  Wednesday, August 21, 2013 (7:30pm ET)

General Setup

Number of Teams: 12

League Fees: $10

Sponsor: Pro Football Focus & The Sports Post

Scoring Type: Head-To-Head Points

Regular Season Matchups: 13 (Playoffs start Week 14)

Waiver Type: Rolling (move to end after each claim)


1st Place:  $70 + 2014 PFF Fantasy Gold Subscription + Sports Post T-Shirt

* Coach of the Year goes to the manager who has scored the most total points for the season.



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