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PDW Throwdown Challenge

PDW-Throwdown-League-2013The PDW Throwdown Challenge is a special format weekly head-to-head league brought to you by Punch Drunk Wonderland and Fantasy Throwdown. It’s an 8-team league and is hosted at Fantasy Throwdown.

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League Setup

  • 8 players in the league
  • Regular season starts Week 6 and goes to Week 12
  • Play 2 games per week
  • League games are specially marked PDWTL1 on the website
  • Championship games in Week 12, including triple-header between top two regular season teams and single game matches between 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, 7th/8th


  • >Lineup varies every week, so check it!
  • Alternate scoring systems each week.
  • There are some unique weeks in the schedule, so check the notes section of your challenge, plus reminders will be sent. Highlights:
    • Bench players only challenge (Week 7)
    • IDP challenges (Week 8)
    • Must use games involving last place teams in NFL, to be decided (Week 9)


There will be two matchups for each league member per week. League members are responsible for accepting the weekly challenges and conducted the Fantasy Throwdown draft.

Important: Do your absolute best to finish your drafts! Challenges are set Mondays or Tuesdays. Do your best to avoid expired challenges, which isn’t fair for all involved. Penalties will be assessed if this becomes a problem.

To help avoid expired challenges, do NOT use Thursday NFL games in the challenge unless you and your opponent agree in advance you can both get the draft done before Thursday night.

Please see the HOW TO PLAY instructions for Fantasy Throwdown to understand how weekly matchups work.


1st Place:  Fantasy Throwdown T-Shirt + PDW T-Shirt + $20 Throwdown account credit

2nd Place:  Fantasy Throwdown T-Shirt + $5 Throwdown account credit




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